Wage and Hour Class Actions

If you are a California nonexempt employee, you have a multitude of rights under the California Labor Code regarding the payment of your wages and related issues.

Many employees do not know it, but their employers often try to steal from them in ways they do not expect, committing massive wage theft that violates the law which only an experience California employment attorney can catch. Indeed, employer wage theft today constitutes the predominant form of theft, outweighing robberies, burglaries, larcenies, and grant theft auto combined!

For example, does your employer require you to do pre-shift off-the-clock work that you are not paid for? Are you not getting a full 30-minute duty-free lunch break before the end of the fifth hour you work? Are you getting premium pay if you miss your lunch break? Is your employer requiring you to perform work during a rest break, even if you clocked out? Are you receiving all your overtime wages, or is your employer “rounding” your hours down to underpay you? Does your employer deduct from your wages items which you do not recognize or understand on your paystubs? Are you being paid on time? Is your employer reimbursing you for business expenses you incurred as part of your job?

Most importantly, are these acts being done to your fellow co-workers on a grand scale by the employer for which you all work? If so, then your employer may likely be subject to a class action lawsuit for their wage theft practices.

We at Liberty Man Law, P.C. have seen every type of scheme bad employers invent to try to shortchange you of your regular and overtime wages, business expenses you are owed, meal and rest breaks, and so on. Give us a call today if you feel you and your co-workers are being taken advantage of by wage theft schemes!